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By Rainer Wehrse

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To get a fairly life like photo of the constitution and evolution of stars one must comprehend safely the abundances of chemical components and their isotopes within the stellar surroundings and within the galactic atmosphere of the celebrities. The articles gathered during this quantity provide a latest assessment of the abundance accuracies for main-sequence stars. After a basic creation within the first half the accuracies of atomic transition possibilities, ionization and excitation cross-sections, and line wide- ening facts are mentioned. within the moment half the categorical difficulties and effects for various stellar varieties are awarded, and, ultimately, an outline at the chances of abundance determinations for stars outdoors the Galaxy is given.

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The Raman process takes place with the emission of one and the absorption of another phonon (in either order). The difference in phonon energies corresponds to the energy of the final electronic transition, but the intermediate state is virtual. At temperatures well below the Debye temperature T D , the Raman process has a T 9 dependence for Kramers ions (odd number of f electrons) and T 7 dependence for other rare earth ions. 5T D , it takes on a T 2 dependence. The Orbach process is a resonant Raman process in which the phonon energies match energy gaps between Stark levels, and a real transition is made to an intermediate state.

Aluminum/erbium active fibre manufactured by a non-aqueous solution doping method. Proc. SPIE 1171:202–208, 1989. 61. DiGiovanni, D. , J. B. MacChesney. New optical fiber fabrication technique using sol–gel dipcoating. Proc. OFC’91, paper WA2, p 62, 1991. 62. , R. Tumminelli. SiO 2-clad fibers with selectively volatilized soft glass cores. Opt. Lett. 14: 757–759, 1989. 63. , D. Schmidt, J. Kirchhof, A. Funke. About the oxidation of SiCl 4 and GeCl 4 in homogeneous gaseous phase. Kristall Technol.

Because the interaction terms in Eq. (1) are weak compared with H free ion , they are discussed separately as perturbations. We shall group them into the general categories of static, which produce the observed electronic structure, Rare Earth Doped Glasses: Optical Properties 21 and dynamic, which induce transitions between the electronic states. 8. 3 Electronic Structure The first two terms in Eq. (1) give rise to the observed electronic structure. Techniques for solving them are discussed in detail by several authors [2–10].

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