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By Robert Gardner

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What is friction? what's the coriolis strength? younger scientists will discover the physics of forces and movement with the nice experiments during this e-book. Full-color illustrations spotlight key issues to make technology a snap! Many experiments are by way of principles for technological know-how reasonable tasks. aid scholars ace their subsequent physics venture or attempt!

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Will the mass of the container increase if you stick your fingers into the water in the container? Try it! Were you right? How do you explain what you observed? Suppose an object floats in water. It will weigh zero when suspended from a spring scale and lowered into water. How can you find the buoyant force on an object that floats? How can you find its volume? 2 How Do Pressure and Buoyancy Affect Submarines? Materials: tall, clear glass bottle or jar with cork or rubber stopper that fits mouth water glass eyedropper condiment packets like those at fast-food restaurants jar of water plastic soda bottle with screw-on cap Fill a tall, clear glass bottle or jar almost to the top with water.

A poem written by Alexander Pope in the eighteenth century sums up Sir Isaac Newton’s accomplishments in these words: “Nature and God’s laws lay hid in night; God said, Let Newton be! ” Newton’s three laws of motion were originally published in 1687 in Latin, the language of all scholarly publications in Newton’s time. The laws are listed on the next page, both in a modern version and one using everyday examples. The first of Newton’s three laws was built upon discoveries by Galileo Galilei (1564–1642), an Italian experimenter, astronomer, and mathematician.

How did Newton build upon Galileo’s work to develop the first law? Investigate and discuss. The two greatest geniuses of physics are considered by many to be Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Compare their lives and works. 3 What Is Friction? Materials: bowling ball sheet of notebook paper Place a bowling ball or other heavy ball on a sheet of notebook paper. Slowly pull the paper toward you. What happens to the ball? Did you find that when the paper is pulled slowly, both ball and paper move toward you?

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