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By Lesley Hazleton

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During this gripping narrative background, Lesley Hazleton tells the tragic tale on the center of the continuing contention among the Sunni and Shia branches of Islam, a rift that dominates the inside track now greater than ever.
Even as Muhammad lay death, the conflict over who could take regulate of the hot Islamic state had all started, starting a succession concern marked via energy grabs, assassination, political intrigue, and passionate faith. Soon Islam was once embroiled in civil warfare, pitting its founder's debatable spouse Aisha opposed to his son-in-law Ali, and shattering Muhammad’s excellent of unity.
Combining meticulous examine with compelling storytelling, After the Prophet explores the unstable intersection of faith and politics, psychology and tradition, and background and present occasions. it truly is an fundamental consultant to the intensity and tool of the Shia–Sunni split.

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Israeli records the global collaboration among Jew-haters of every type, explaining the exponential progress of Jew-hatred on the net, with millions of recent hate websites further each year, outpacing Jew-hatred within the conventional media. He areas anti-Semitism in a broader culture of political lies and political deceit. within the ultimate bankruptcy, Israeli considers the potential of reversing anti-Jewish agitation in Muslim nations, which he unearths not going simply because such a lot of of the region’s regimes are equipped on foundations of anti-Semitism.

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Her maid assumed she’d slipped down from the howdah and gone perhaps to see her mother. Muhammad himself would have been far too busy to think of her. Everyone simply assumed she was someplace else. So it was Aisha’s good fortune, or perhaps her misfortune, that a certain young Medinan warrior had been delayed and was riding alone through the heat of the day to catch up with the main expeditionary force when he saw her lying under that acacia tree. His name was Safwan, and in what Aisha would swear was an act of chivalry as pure as the desert itself, he recognized her immediately, dismounted, helped her up onto his camel, then led the animal on foot the whole twenty miles to Medina.

That would be just too demeaning. Someone did come, though not a special contingent deputized to search for her, as she had expected. In fact the expedition sent nobody at all, since they never realized she was missing, not even after they had reached Medina. In the hubbub of arrival—the hundreds of camels being unloaded and stabled, the throng of warriors being greeted by wives and kinsmen—her absence went unnoticed. Her maid assumed she’d slipped down from the howdah and gone perhaps to see her mother.

If she had been, it would have led to much comment in dark-haired Arabia; indeed she herself, never shy with words, would have said a lot more about it. But a double measure of henna would have made her hair glow dark red, as was of course the purpose. It emphasized her difference. She had been the first of the nine wives Muhammad had married after the death of Khadija—offered by her father, Muhammad’s close friend and longtime supporter Abu Bakr, as a means of distracting the Prophet in the depth of his mourning.

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