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CFLBs use between 20 to 25% of the power of an equivalent incandescent lamp for the same light output (Coghlan, 2007). This simple energy efficiency comparison is sometimes enough to justify using CFLBs instead of ILBs. As a result, many countries have started, or are in the process of, restricting the use of ILBs and promoting the usage of CFLBs. On the forefront of the phasing out of ILBs for CFLBs are countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, and Australia. Brazil and Venezuela were the earliest countries to introduce legislation to phase out ILBs in 2005, while Australia is attempting to prohibit ILB use by 2010.

The light bulbs are also assumed to operate only 4 hours per day. 5 years. To compare an ILB on the same timeline, the ILB is assumed to be replaced eight times throughout the planning period. Adopting the data from Gydesan and Maimann (1991), life-cycle energy requirements for the average ILB and CFLB (neglecting space heating relationships introduced earlier) fabrication and disposal stages are determined (see Table 2). ILBs CFLBs Fabrication Stage (kWh) 32 37 Operational Phase (kWh) Varies by Province Varies by Province 0 0 Disposal Stage (kWh) Table 2.

If we only generated electricity in Canada by burning coal, with a GHG intensity of approximately 900 g/kWh, our model predicts that almost 14 million tonnes of CO2 per year would be avoided in Canada if every household switched from using ILBs to CFLBs. 7 million tonnes. In this case, a Canadian-wide ban on ILBs is not an ideal strategy to reduce national GHG emissions. , BC, MB, QC, and NL). , AB, SK, ON, NB, NS, and PE); locations where the switch between space heating and lighting energy results in lower net GHG emissions.

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