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By Richard Walker

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Readers embark on a stupendous voyage via human biology and become aware of the body’s bits and bobs as they’ve by no means noticeable them sooner than. starting with the fundamental development blocks, carrying on with to the physique in motion, and concluding with the body’s platforms, this can be a compact and accomplished examine the sweetness that's the human laptop.

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Hand of a 20 year old Hand of a 1 year old Sweat on skin 57 Why don’t we live forever? Practising t’ai chi Ageing and death are natural parts of the human life cycle that are “programmed” into our cells. By the time we reach our 60s, the first signs of wear and tear appear. The skin wrinkles, hair thins and whitens, eyesight and hearing can get worse, thinking slows down, and we get more aches and pains. But many changes can be kept at bay by a good diet and by regular exercise, such as the gentle movements of t’ai chi.

6°F). But if you are infected by bacteria or viruses, your body gets hotter, producing a fever. This helps to fight infection because germs cannot multiply and spread at higher temperatures. Taking a temperature Close-up view of a scab (red) Q How does a scab form? A built-in repair mechanism acts A swiftly to plug leaks from damaged blood vessels. If, for example, you cut yourself and start bleeding, a jelly-like clot forms at the wound site to seal holes in blood vessels. The clot dries out to form a protective scab that stays in place on the skin until the tissues underneath it have been repaired.

44 Getty Images: Visuals Unlimited / Dr. Fred Hossler (c). Q U, V, W, X ultrasound scan 53 umbilical cord 53 ureter 28—29 urethra 28—29, 52 urinary system 28—29 urine 28—29 uterus 52—53, 57 vagina 52—53 valves heart 44—45 in veins 46 veins 46 pulmonary 45 subclavian 47 vena cava 44, 46 ventricles 44—45 vertebrae 43 video pill 25 viruses 48, 49 water 29 windpipe 26 women chromosomes 54, 55 life expectancy 59 reproductive system 52—53, 56, 57, 59 skeleton 15 volume of blood 43 water content 29 wrinkles 59 X-rays 15 vision see eyes 3-D vision 35 45 Getty Images: Jasper Juinen (br).

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