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By Miriam Lichtheim

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Chronologically prepared translations of old Egyptian writings shed mild upon the improvement of various literary varieties. Bibliogs.

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Epi IS one of that great group born aforetime in On • Who are not carried off for a king, ' Who are not brought before magistrates Who are not made to suffer ' Who are not found guilty. He will not be brought before magi~trates fhe foes of Pepi will not triumph. ' Pepi will not hunger, His nails will not grow long, No bone in him will be broken. If Pepi goes down into water , Osir is will lift him up The Enneads will sup~ort him He will take Pepi by the hand ' To where a god may be. ' If he goes down ( to earth> Ge b will lift him up The ~nneads will su~port this Pepi, lie will be led by the hand to where a god may be.

I er meaning could apply here. ' You he down in the Night-bark, You awake in the Day-bark, For you are he who gazes on the gods There is no god who gazes on youl ' o father of Pepi, take Pepi with you Living, to you mother Nut! Gates of sky, open for Pepi, Gat~s of heaven, open for Pepi, Pepi comes to you, make him live! Co ~ma~d that this Pepi sit beside you, Beside him who rises in lightland! ,mmand to the goddess beside you2 To make WIde Pepi s seat at the stairway of heaven! Command the Living One, the son of Sothis, To speak for this Pepi, To establish for Pepi a seat in the skyl Commend this Pepi to the Great Noble T he beloved of Ptah, the son of Ptah ' To speak for this Pepi, ' To make flourish his jar-stands on earth For Pepi is one with these four gods: ' Imscty, Hapy, Duamutef, Kebhsenuf, " Who live by maat, so ANCIENT EGYPTIAN LITERATURE Who lean on their staffs, Who watch over Upper Egypt.

Trued. · te - t. m. Jt l't is to be In erp retatlon to Faulkner's. 47 THE OLD KINGDOM ANCIENT EGYPTIAN LITERATURE 2 . Smnty, according to Sethe, meant the two mountain chains that border the Nile valley and were viewed as supports of the sky. 3, An allusion to the myth of the sun-god's left eye, the moon, which was robbed by Seth and restored by Horus. The struggles between Seth and Osiris, and Seth and Horus, were the prototypes of strife in the world. 4. This section gives a different view of the king's origin: he is a member of the Ennead of Heliopolis .

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