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By Ellen W Gorsevski

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Bargains a conceptual starting place for nonviolent rhetoric.

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From a rhetorical perspective, the photograph, rather than just shaming warmongers, works to attract the sensationalized media by using its craving for sex-related stories. The result, however, is much more powerful. The photograph is very artfully done, and at first glance, it looks very antique, almost st ylized, like photographs from the 1920s or 1930s, when posing people in the form of letters and words was a popular photographic art form. In short, the image is beautifully constructed, it is at once current and timeless, and, perhaps most important, it exploits the media’s need for nudit y and sexiness to promote its powerfully embodied message of PEACE.

Activism already exists that campaigns for global glasnost, such as the media watch group, Fairness and Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR). Peace activists can work in tandem with such organizations to promote more candid reporting of issues relating to social or environmental injustices. In another instructive case, Stephen Zunes writes of “the role of the media” in the nonviolent overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos’s dictatorial regime in the RHETORIC, MEDIA, AND PUBLIC RELATIONS 27 Philippines (147). Despite attempts by Marcos both prior and during his overthrow to control the press, his “order was ignored” (147).

Bond reports that the tidy appearance of the students sitting at lunch counters was contrasted with the slovenly, “ragtail rabble” appearance of the “rowdy white attackers” (30). In the decades since the Vietnam War protests, in which the hippie counterculture dress of “ragtail rabble” became the norm, most nonviolent protesters have been routinely characterized, especially visually, in the press as being slovenly at least and terrorists at worst (DeLuca 88–90). The problematic stereot ype of the shaggy, dreamy-eyed, pot-smoking peace activist needs to be taken seriously by the peace movement and actively dispelled because it drastically undermines the ethos, or credibilit y, of the nonviolent messenger.

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